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Civil Society Portal

UNCTAD and Civil Society

UNCTAD believes that enhanced cooperation between the private and the public sector is essential to the effective integration of developing countries into the global economy and seeks ways to involve non-governmental organizations, academia, trade unions, parliamentarians and business associations in its work.
Cooperation with civil society is mutually beneficial: It helps civil society actors, empowering and enhancing their advocacy role in support of sustainable development, while adding value to the work of UNCTAD and its member States in achieving tangible development outcomes.

Since its inception, UNCTAD has recognized that civil society has an increasingly important role to play in efforts to achieve sustainable human development and alleviate poverty.

Recent ministerial conferences have particularly benefited from active civil society participation and have called for further collaboration with non-governmental actors to enhance the work of UNCTAD and its member States.

Civil society organizations made valuable contributions to UNCTAD X (Bangkok, 2000), UNCTAD XI (São Paulo, 2004) and UNCTAD XII (Accra, 2008).

At UNCTAD XIII, the UNCTAD secretariat and its member States will continue to seek and promote the active involvement of all civil society stakeholders to improve the outcome of the Conference and raise awareness of its agenda among the general public.

Practical Information

Information on visa requirements will be communicated directly to registered participants at a later stage.
For practical information on travel and accommodation in Doha, please visit the Host country website
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