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High-level Policy Dialogue on the Creative Economy for Development
26 Apr 2012
09:00 - 12:00
Special Events

Key Issues

At UNCTAD XI in 2004, the topic of creative industries was introduced for the first time into the international economic and development agenda, on the basis of recommendations made by the High-level Panel on Creative Industries and Development. Member States agreed on mandates and called on the international community to support efforts of developing countries to foster, protect and promote their creative industries for development gains (Sao Paulo Consensus, paras. 65 and 91).
At UNCTAD XII in 2008, the first Creative Economy Report 2008 was launched and a High-level Panel on the Creative Economy took stock of progress made on the policy and research agenda surrounding the creative economy, recognizing that UNCTAD's work in this emerging area should be pursued and enhanced.
Against this background, the High-level Policy Dialogue on the Creative Economy at UNCTAD XIII aims to further support governments to enhance their creative economies, as a feasible development option for advancing  socio-economic growth, trade and innovation. Debates will focus on the main findings and policy recommendations of the Creative Economy Report 2010.
Purpose of the event
Over the last decade, the topic of creative economy became well-inserted into the international economic and development agenda, calling for new insights and policy responses. The creative economy generates jobs, innovation and trade, while contributing to social inclusion, cultural diversity and environmental sustainability.
Issues to be addressed in the policy debate will include:
  • In our knowledge-based society, how to put in place appropriated policies including trade policies for the optimal functioning of the creative economy?
  • How to attract investors, provide access to technology, stimulate innovation and creative business to promote a vibrant creative economy?
  • How the creative economy and the green economy can be mutually supportive and become a win-win solution?
  • How to unlock the marketing and distribution channels for music, digital animation, films, news, advertising etc., thereby expanding the economic benefits of the creative economy?
  • How to deal with sensitive areas, including the need to revisit the legislation around intellectual property rights and adapt it to the new realities of the creative economy?
  • How to promote development that is both sustainable and inclusive and reflects the lifestyle of the contemporary society?
Expected outcome / Deliverables 
The Panel will discuss policy strategies, multilateral processes, national experiences and concrete initiatives for enhancing their creative economies.
The Panel will review the work undertaken by the UNCTAD secretariat in fulfilling its mandate on this topic, identifying areas for possible international cooperation.
Governments may wish to reassert the role of UNCTAD and identify areas for future work.
Participants / Invitees / Panellists
Panellists will include Ministers and high-level officials from Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Finland, Nigeria, Thailand and South Africa. The Panel is expected to be chaired by the Minister of Arts and Culture of Qatar, President of UNCTAD XIII, and moderated by a journalist from the Al Jazeera Network.
An interactive debate involving national delegations and representatives from the creative industries business, media and civil society will enrich the debates.
UNCTAD has been collaborating with and will invite relevant United Nations agencies such as UNDP, UNESCO, WIPO, ITC, UNAOC, as well as the United Nations Regional Commissions. Other agencies will include WTO, OECD, OAS, the World Bank, MERCOSUR, African Union, British Council, Francophonie Organization, etc.
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  • UNCTAD(XIII)/CN/2012/7
    Policy Dialogue on the Creative Economy and Development
    English |
  • UNCTAD/DITC/TAB/2010/3
    Creative Economy Report 2010: Creative Economy: A Feasible Development Option
    English |
  • Programme Timetable
    High-level policy dialogue on the creative economy and development
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[Tentative list  to be confirmed]
Opening : High-level policy dialogue on Creative Economy
  • Secretary General of UNCTAD
  • Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Qatar
Moderator: Journalist, Al Jazeera Network
Panel I: Creating the Future: the creative economy in the contemporary society
  • Minister of Tourism and Culture, Nigeria
  • Minister of Communications, South Africa
  • Secretary of Creative Economy, Ministry of Culture, Brazil
  • Deputy Mayor of Helsinki, Finland

Panel II : Building an inclusive and creative economy 
  • Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia
  • Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Zambia
  • General Manager, International Federation of Arts Council Agencies, Australia

Panel III : The contribution of the UN system  "One UN - one voice"
  • Executive Director , International Trade Center -ITC
  • Deputy Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization- WIPO
  • Chief, Division for Knowledge Management, Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, UNDP
  • Representative Qatar Office, UNESCO
  • Senior Officer, Focal Point for Creative Industries, UNIDO
  • UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, UNAOC